Monday, March 7, 2016

Newsletter - March 2016

Spring is well on the way now that February is behind us and most of us will not even remember that we had an extra day this year. By the way I hope that you did not forget your sweetheart this past month. We have been missing some of you at church and I know that things are getting busy but then again when is it not. I want to encourage you to set some time aside on Sunday mornings for our Lord and Savior as we study His word and praise His name and let someone else know about what is going on around here.

Now here is what we can see going in right now:

  • Mar 12 at 6:30pm Saturday game night for the Grown ups. Come join in and bring a friend as we play some old school board games and have some snacks. 
  • Mar 19 10:30am - 12:30 children’s Easter celebration to include an egg hunt and games. 
  • Mar 27 7am Easter sunrise service come join us as we celebrate an empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
  • April 30 6pm Southern gospel music concert featuring “Chronicle” love offering will be taken up. Make your plans to attend and bring some friends. 

Now for the pastor‘s bite: This March brings with it the promise of spring as people start planting gardens and crops and also this year Easter. I truly love Easter and one of my favorite Christmas songs is “It’s about the Cross” by Go Fish, and yes I did say Christmas songs. It’s just hard for me to not think of Jesus’ birth without thinking of the cross and the grave. Let me set this up some women went to the tomb on the first day of the week and seeing the stone rolled away thought that Jesus’ body had been taken. As the word spread Mary Magdalene returns to the tomb searching for the body. when this verse takes place John 20 vs.16 Jesus said to her, “Mary.” She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic, “Rabboni!” (which means “Teacher”).(niv) I feel like a lot of time we are like Mary. In our head we know that Jesus rose from the grave like He said He would, but in our life we live as if someone just moved the body. Do you realize that the same Jesus who rose from the grave is the same Holy Spirit that lives inside you and I if we have accepted His gift and asked for Him to forgive us of our sins. So let’s remember that this Easter and celebrate His resurrection and not just an empty grave. Have a Blessed Easter and come join us on Sundays, I‘ll save you a seat.

In Christ’s Love

Pastor, Eugene
Reminder: Praise with the youth 9:30am, Sunday school starts at 10,and worship at 11

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